Friday, July 13, 1990

Comanche on Toledo Jeep Plant to Recieve Facelift

The yellow 1987 Jeep Comanche on top of the Toledo Jeep Plant is being temporarily removed in order to update its appearance.

The truck will be updated to look like a 1991 model "with black trim, a new grill, and new black fender flares above the wheels".

Additionally, the Comanche will be repainted white, since the yellow is "an old Renault color" from when Jeep was owned by AMC, and to make the vehicle more visible.

The Comanche has no engine and no interior, to make it lighter.

Toledo Blade - Jul 13, 1990
Page 19

Former Jeep Comanche Staff Manager becomes President of Kelpie Industries

Paul Cooper was Staff Manager for the release of the Jeep Comanche.  He worked at the Toledo Jeep plant from 1983 to 1988 as Staff Manager, then Facilities Manager.  He became the president of an independent truck company, Kelpie Industries U.S.A., in May 1989.

Toledo Blade - Jul 13, 1990
Page 19

Monday, July 2, 1990

National Council of Jeep/Eagle Dealers Requests Comanche be Discontinued

Due to lack of sales, the National Council of Jeep/Eagle dealers asked Chrysler to discontinue the Jeep Comanche, and allow them to sell a version of the Dodge Dakota pickup.

Jeep Yearly Sales Numbers - Comanche sales have been highlighted

Toledo Blade - Jul 2, 1990
Page 20, 21

Tuesday, May 22, 1990

Recall Issued for Catalytic Converters

Model Year: 1987
Make: Cherokee, Comanche, Wagoneer with 2.5L fuel-injected engine
Problem: Catalytic Converter can overheat and break down
Number vehicles affected: 11,056

Sarasota Herald-Tribune - May 22, 1990