Tuesday, November 12, 1985

Comanche Target Market, Name Origin

The Comanche is aimed at a target market of "light construction, hauling, and farming, as well as pleasure - to transport motorcycles or surfboards, for example".

The name Comanche was chosen from a list of 11 finalists.  It ties in with the name Cherokee, the SUV which the Comanche is based upon.

The target market average annual income of a Comanche owner is $19,000.  This is compared to the normal target market for all Jeeps, 25-49 year old men with an annual income of $32,000.

The Milwaukee Journal - Nov 12, 1985
Page 1, 2

Sunday, November 3, 1985

Comanche Keeps on Truckin'

(This is an excellent article discussing the Comanche and what makes it a great vehicle, please view the original source.)

 Photo enhanced and restored from "Reading Eagle - Nov 3, 1985 - taken by Richard J. Patrick"
Reading Eagle - Nov 3, 1985

Saturday, September 7, 1985

Jeep Comanche Test Vehicle Specs Released

Wheelbase: 119.6 inches
Overall Length: 194 inches
Width: 71.7 inches
Height: 63.7 inches
Base curb weight: 3,023 lb

Box size:
88.5 in long
55.3 in wide
16.4 in height

Cargo volume:
46.4 cubic feet

Payload capacity:
1,200 lb

Optional metric ton payload:
2,205 lb

Tow Rating:
Class I Hitch: 2,000 lb, 250 lb tongue
Class II Hitch: 4,200 lb, 500 lb tongue

Standard: 4 cylinder 250 cubic inch (2.5 L)
117 hp @ 5,000 rpm
135 ft-lb torque @ 3,500 rpm
24/27 mpg

Optional: 6 cylinder
"more torque at lower rpm"
17/22 mpg
(other statistics missing)

Morning Call - Allentown, PA
Sep 7, 1985, page 143

Wednesday, September 4, 1985

AMC Launches Pickup Truck

American Motors Corp announced a mid-size pickup line today called the "Jeep Comanche".  Per AMC, this truck is based upon the Jeep Cherokee.

San Jose Mercury News (CA) Sept 4, 1985
3F Business

Saturday, May 11, 1985

Beach Boys to unveil AMC's Jeep Comanche

The Beach Boys signed a deal with AMC today to unveil the Jeep Comanche on stage at their Mother's Day concert in San Diego.

Montreal Gazette May 11, 1985

Friday, January 4, 1985

Jeep plans to release Comanche compact pickup

AMC plans to introduce for the 1986 model year a new pickup, the Jeep Comanche, available in two and four wheel drive.

The Milwaukee Journal - Jan 4, 1985

Page 5