Tuesday, November 12, 1985

Comanche Target Market, Name Origin

The Comanche is aimed at a target market of "light construction, hauling, and farming, as well as pleasure - to transport motorcycles or surfboards, for example".

The name Comanche was chosen from a list of 11 finalists.  It ties in with the name Cherokee, the SUV which the Comanche is based upon.

The target market average annual income of a Comanche owner is $19,000.  This is compared to the normal target market for all Jeeps, 25-49 year old men with an annual income of $32,000.

The Milwaukee Journal - Nov 12, 1985
Page 1, 2

Sunday, November 3, 1985

Comanche Keeps on Truckin'

(This is an excellent article discussing the Comanche and what makes it a great vehicle, please view the original source.)

 Photo enhanced and restored from "Reading Eagle - Nov 3, 1985 - taken by Richard J. Patrick"
Reading Eagle - Nov 3, 1985