Sunday, February 15, 1987

New Smaller Version of Comanche Available for 1987

Two different size Comanches are available for 1987:
113 inch wheelbase with a 6 foot cargo box
119.6 inch wheelbase with a 7 foot cargo box

The V6 Engine is replaced with the I-6, an in-line 6 cylinder engine.

I-4 Specifications:
121 hp @ 5000 RPM
141 ft/lb torque @ 3500 RPM

I-6 Specifications:
173 hp @ 4500 RPM
220 ft/lb torque @ 2500 RPM

A new 4-speed automatic transmission with two modes is introduced:
Comfort mode - conservative and economical shifting
Power mode - Upshift at higher engine RPM, dowshift more rapidly, more sensitive to throttle position

Base model and and Pioneer model available in 6 or 7 foot bed versions.
Chief package for 6 foot bed version only.
Laredo  package for 7 foot bed version only.

Record-Journal - Feb 15, 1987

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